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2018 Global Legal Matters Awards

Global Legal is an online platform which consist global informations about various legal news.

This platform which is non-profit, was formed by a global legal group.

As GLM, we evaluated all of the winners, in their areas, with their clients/customers feedbacks or our own research.

Our essential criterions were established on surely trust, knowledge and experience.

2018 is the first year which we are sharing our excitement with you for all of these candidates to take their awards.

We’ll organise a magnificent award ceremony in next September for 2018 GLM Awards in Istanbul . But, as GLM, we did not want to wait to share our thrill with you.

As Global Legal Matters we are proud of all the winners. We will continue to give awards in the field of Business, Spor, Economy, Science and Academy in every year.

The harmony of the trust, knowledge and experience is our philosophy…

*** Here are the 2018 winners

The Most Valuable Private Law Academician

Prof. Dr. Bahadır ERDEM

The Most Valuable Public Law Academician

Prof. Dr. Ahmet GÖKÇEN

The Most Valuable Foreign Investor

Dr. Benjamin BALLOUT

The Best Independent Auditing Firm

Crowe Troy / Elvan INANLI

The Best Transportation Company

Altur / Halil KEMAL

The Most Reliable Fleet Company

Hedef Filo – Ersan ÖZTÜRK

The Most Reliable Music Company

Poll Production – Polat YAĞCI

The Most Valuable Scientist

Prof. Dr. Fehmi TABAK

The Best Innovator and Global Law Firm

NLG / Nesil Law Group

The Most Reliable Chief Legal Counsel

Meltem AZBAZDAR / Mey&Diageo

The Most Valuable CEO

Bülent COŞKUNARDA / Lider

The Most Reliable Data Center

Equinix Turkey / Mehmethan ŞİŞİK

The Most Fastest – Growing Turkish Company


The Most Valuable Business&Sport Person

Abdurrahim ALBAYRAK

The Most Valuable Coach


The Most Valuable Financial Advisor


The Best University Social Association

Marmara Univ. Alumni Ass.

The Best Legal Solution Partner

Schlun & Elseven / GERMANY

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Global Legal Matters is an online publication for and about lawyers interested and working in Europe and the middle east also. ‘’Globallegalmatters’’ was established in 2018. Our main target is sharing with you global and important legal news.