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Israel PM goes on trial for corruption

Israel PM goes on trial for corruption

27.5.2020 | MAY 27, 2020 08:04:31 AM Tahira Mohamedbhai | 45

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized the press and Israel’s justice system as his trial for corruption opened on Sunday.

Netanyahu is the first serving Israeli Prime Minister to face criminal charges. There are multiple charges including fraud, accepting bribes and breach of trust. The Prime minister criticized the justice system for bringing “fabricated and ludicrous” charges against him. Calling for the court proceedings to be televised for “full transparency,” he further lambasted the prosecution for tailoring a case against him.

Addressing the press outside of the court, he denied all the allegations against him. “The objective is to topple a strong prime minister from the rightist camp and thus to remove the right-wing from leadership for many years.”

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