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IKEA reaches settlement with family of child killed by furniture

IKEA reaches settlement with family of child killed by furniture

9.1.2020 | Gabrielle Wast | 153

IKEA has settled a suit with the family of a child who was killed under the weight of a MALM dresser in 2017 for $46 million. The suit filed by Joleen and Craig Dudek alleged that the company had knowledge of at least 113 tip-over incidents, but:

Despite this knowledge, [IKEA] intentionally, willfully, wantonly and recklessly failed to adequately redesign the MALM dresser line to address the known risk of injury and death, failed to cease sale of the MALM line, failed to warn the public of the known risk of injury and death and failed to institute a voluntary recall of the MALM line until after a number of children lost their lives.

IKEA recalled the dresser in 2016. As part of the settlement, the company agreed to meet with Parents Against Tip-overs and to increase its efforts to notify consumers of the recall on the dresser. The Dudek family announced that it will donate $1 million of the settlement to organizations that advocate for higher-quality testing to prevent tip-overs.

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