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Trump campaign committee asks Supreme Court to overturn election results in Pennsylvania

Trump campaign committee asks Supreme Court to overturn election results in Pennsylvania

22.12.2020 | Maeve McDermott | Vermont Law School, US DECEMBER 22, 2020 12:00:41 AM | 614

US President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign committee petitioned the Supreme Court on Sunday to reverse three decisions made by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.

The filing states that “[i]n key jurisdictions across the country, state and local election officials and courts altered or ignored state election laws,” in alleged violation of the US Constitution. The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania previously decided to ease some of Pennsylvania’s election rules regarding signature verification, observation on Election Day, and declarations of mail-in ballots. According to President Trump’s reelection campaign committee, these decisions “eliminated all ‘meaningful safeguards’ designed to protect against fraud in the mail ballot process.”

Trump’s campaign committee claims that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court did not have the authority to make such decisions. Specifically, the committee claims that the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania’s decisions violated Article II of the US Constitution, which states that “Each State shall appoint [electors for President and Vice President] in such Manner as the Legislature theoreof may direct.”

The committee claims 2.6 million mail ballots that violated the laws of the Pennsylvania Legislature were included in the state’s election results due to the three decisions at issue. The committee alleges that the “violations alone affected more ballots than the current margin of difference between [Biden and Trump] in Pennsylvania.”

The committee requests that the Supreme Court reverses the decisions made by the Pennsylvania court and ultimately reverse the election outcome in Pennsylvania.

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